How To Use Your Body As A Weapon

We had been in Uganda for several days out on the trail sharing the gospel hut to hut.  On this particular morning, I along with several others were not feeling well, and we didn’t know if we were going to be able to go out into the field that day or not.  It was also […]

Uganda B Undone

Well here it is the middle of September and I must apologize for not sharing with you the works and ministry God did in and through our team that went to Uganda this past June. After sharing The 2-Sentence Challenge with you upon our immediate return, I have yet to write about the tremendous happenings […]

The 2-Sentence Challenge

Anytime someone returns from a trip they are quickly asked the inevitable question… “How was your trip?” The standard American response usually follows… “It was great.” “We had a lot of fun.” “God did some wonderful things.” The inquiring party then states… “That’s great” and goes on their way.   Now there are those who […]