Hoping Against All Odds

She has battled depression off and on throughout her life, and the past two weeks another wave had come over her.  During her pain and struggle, she called her husband and shared.   Husband: “What can I do for you?” Wife: “Speak truth to me.” There are days in our lives when we need to […]

When The Words “Trust Me” Have To Be Enough

It must have been hard for the disciples and those who had been following Christ for the previous three years before His death to see their beloved Son, Brother, Friend, and Savior lay buried in the tomb for three days.  The only words left ringing in their ears might have been those distance words from […]

For the Ups and Downs

 Thirteen years ago yesterday, Scott and I stood before God and many witnesses to proclaim our love and commitment to one another for the rest of our lives.  Fourteen years ago we met for the first time.  I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding and Scott was the best man.  Scott gave the toast […]