What Do You Do With A Lie?

A child sits with downcast eyes as the parent quietly waits with a yearning in their heart for the child to confess.  The parent already knows the truth but wants the child to acknowledge their lie and sin.  Not so that they can pour out guilt, shame, and punishment, but because the parent’s heart is […]

Avalanche-Part 1

As the 2014 year is wrapping up, I find myself exclaiming the same statement so many of us do every year at this time, “Where has the year gone?” While I am in agreement with you that it has flown by and it seems to go faster each year I get older, God brought to […]

The Final Week

The final week of the 31 Day Writing Challenge. Just 3 more days!  Enjoy!! Day 26: Standing on the Promises  Day 27: Reflections from the Spring Day 28: How Do You Drink?