Spiritual Development

Where Is The Joy?

If you were to tell me a year ago that I didn’t have joy in my life, I would have protested.  However, what is evident to others is often disguised to the actual person.   So it was in this particular area of my life.  At the end of 2018, the Lord impressed profoundly on… Continue reading Where Is The Joy?

Spiritual Development

How To Take Off The Happy Face And Still Have Joy

The memorial service was coming to a close.  Several ladies began carrying the food from the kitchen out to the waiting tables while the final song was playing.   Then it happened.   Hearing her deceased daughter’s favorite song playing was too much.   With her knees beginning to buckle, she placed the tray of… Continue reading How To Take Off The Happy Face And Still Have Joy

Marriage and Family

Journal Entry

Some things are better said through journal entries. April 16, 2015 “Oh Lord my God, Lover of my soul, the great Potter who takes this lump of clay and molds it into the vessel you desire to use and work through.  Great God Almighty who causes me to humbly bow down and fall before You… Continue reading Journal Entry