4 Things Jesus Teaches Mothers

Small hands, feet, soft skin, coos, and bright eyes captivate every part of you.  As you hold that little one in the cradle of your arms, you are not thinking about the next 18 years and what will happen throughout that time nor how fast it will flash by.   In honor of Mother’s Day, […]

When The Words “Trust Me” Have To Be Enough

It must have been hard for the disciples and those who had been following Christ for the previous three years before His death to see their beloved Son, Brother, Friend, and Savior lay buried in the tomb for three days.  The only words left ringing in their ears might have been those distance words from […]

Passion Week in the Gospel of Luke

(I deeply apologize for having incorrect links to the last five passages of Mark in yesterday’s blog, Passion Week in the Gospel of Mark.  They have been corrected.) Just two days left on our journey before our Lord celebrates the Passover meal with His disciples.  Tomorrow night, Jesus will sit amongst his beloved disciples and […]