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How Do You Love Those You Can’t Forgive?

Valentine’s day has come and gone, and for some, they are left holding not only wilted flowers but a wilted heart.  The love they thought they held has faded, and now they are left with bitterness and the inability to move past the hurt.  The ability to love again seems unattainable because a critical piece… Continue reading How Do You Love Those You Can’t Forgive?

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Forgive Us

Save this nation from the guilt of bloodshed, God, the God of our salvation, and our tongue will sing of Your righteousness. Lord, open our lips, and our mouth will declare Your praise. Lord, You do not want a sacrifice or we would give it, You are not pleased with a burnt offering. The sacrifice… Continue reading Forgive Us

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Journal Entry

Some things are better said through journal entries. April 16, 2015 “Oh Lord my God, Lover of my soul, the great Potter who takes this lump of clay and molds it into the vessel you desire to use and work through.  Great God Almighty who causes me to humbly bow down and fall before You… Continue reading Journal Entry