A Full Heart

We have not even eaten yet and my heart is so full. Our church just recently completed it’s second annual two week time of prayer and fasting. It was followed by a 24-hour prayer vigil and a special blessing and thanksgiving service. I am still praising God for all the answered prayers during those two […]

Z Bits of the Week

February 10, 2012Volume 2 Peter’s Playground  Mammaw, my grandmother, used to ride a motorcycle when she was a teenager.  This reminds me of what it is like to ride away from the devil and ride up to heaven.  You are the one on the motorcycle and God is your parent and the devil is the […]

Debunking the Family Worship Myth

After reading several of the posts over the last month here at Temple Dwellers Ministry, some readers may be jumping to the conclusion that the Zbylot household has a wonderful time each and every night singing songs, reading the bible, and melodiously interacting with one another in the Spirit of the Lord.  I must say […]