How To Take Off The Happy Face And Still Have Joy

The memorial service was coming to a close.  Several ladies began carrying the food from the kitchen out to the waiting tables while the final song was playing.   Then it happened.   Hearing her deceased daughter’s favorite song playing was too much.   With her knees beginning to buckle, she placed the tray of […]

The Finish Line…Or is it?

If you would have told me a month ago I would write for 31 days on one specific topic, I would not have believed you.  In fact, I would have said it wasn’t even possible with my schedule.  But God had other plans and with the help of my guest bloggers, my husband and my […]

Halfway Mark

Amazing.    Unbelievable.    We are… While it hasn’t been easy to continue to write every day and get it posted in a timely manner, my heart is overflowing with God’s faithfulness in honoring my quest to seek after Him.  Daily He has opened my eyes to see just one more way of how His […]