Week 2 Day 2

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“Grace is a God who stoops.” Max Lucado in Wild Grace

Choose how you will dine with your Lord today:

Read Philippians Chapter 2 (Fast Food)

Read Philippians Chapter 1-2 (Home Cooking)

Read Philippians Chapters 1-4 (Fine Dining)

As you read, again make note of any keywords or reflections as the Lord speaks to your heart.

Attitude Adjustment-Philippians Chapter 2:1-11

Paul spent the whole first chapter encouraging the Philippian believers not to worry about him and to praise God for the advance of the gospel.  Paul was not satisfied with just having God do a work through his own life, but desires for the Philippians to experience God’s work through their lives as well.  In his letter, he challenges them in this truth:  If you have Christ in you and have the following qualities, then you will demonstrate and bear certain distinct features.  What qualities does Paul assume the Philippians have in their lives and what should be the result?

(2:1) If…

  1. There is any encouragement in Christ
  2. Any consolation of love
  3. Any fellowship with the Spirit
  4. Any affection and mercy

(2:2) Then…

Fulfill my joy

What joy does Paul have that he wants fulfilled?  (1:4a)

What four ways can they fulfill his joy? (2:2)

What is the one goal they should be focusing on?  (1:27)

How will they live a life worthy of the gospel? (2:3a) They will not do anything out of rivalry or conceit as their fellow workers in chapter 1 (v17).  They must live a life of humility considering others more important than themselves. (2:3b)

Does this mean they forget about their own needs? (2:4) No, Paul says, in addition to looking out for your own needs, look also for the interest of others.

Is this an attainable goal?  Yes, but only through the power and grace of one man who showed us how.  Paul gives the greatest example of living one’s life in a manner worthy of the gospel through the man Christ Jesus.

What kind of attitude should we have?  (2:5)

What was Christ’s attitude?  (2:6)

How did Christ use His equality of God status? (2:6b-7)

How did He become a slave? (2:7b)

What did Christ do after He took on the likeness of men?  Did He use all of His power?  (2:7b-8) No, when He had come as a man in external form, He humbled Himself again.

How did Christ humble Himself after changing into the likeness of man? (2:8)

What was the result of Christ’s humility and obedience? (2:9)

Why did God do this? (2:10-11a)

What is the ultimate purpose? (2:11b)

Personal Reflections

Do we as husbands and wives use our roles to get what they want or do we serve one another?  Do we as parents use our parental status to get what we want or do we serve our children?  Do we use our status at work to get what we want or do we serve one another?  Do we use our status at church to get what we want or do we serve one another?

After we “change into the likeness of man” do we continue to humble ourselves to the point of death or do we hide under the façade of the “humble man”?  Christ could have just emptied Himself and come in the likeness of man and then ruled the earth with His power, but He chose to continue to wear humility.

When we continue in humility, who gets the glory?  God the Father

Take a moment to read John 8:3-11, then ponder the following:

 “Jesus ‘stooped down and wrote in the dust.’  We would expect him to stand up, step forward, or even ascend a stair and speak.  But instead he leaned over.  He descended lower than anyone else—beneath the priests, the people, even beneath the woman.  The accusers looked down on her. To see Jesus, they had to look down even farther.

He does that.  He bent down to wash feet, to embrace children.  Bent down to pull Peter out of the sea, to pray in the garden before soldiers arrested him.  Bent down to carry the cross they used to crucify him.  Grace is a God who stoops.” (Max Lucado in Wild Grace)

True Love Blog  Am I willing to look out for the interest of others in order to bring God glory?  Am I willing to humble myself for God’s glory?  Repent now for all the lost opportunities to have the attitude of Christ and ask for the power and strength to live a life worthy of the gospel of Christ.

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