Week 2 Day 1

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Week 2 Day 1

“Just one thing: Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” Philippians 1:27

Choose how you will dine with your Lord today:

Read Philippians Chapter 1 (Fast Food)

Read Philippians Chapter 1 (Home Cooking)

Read Philippians Chapters 1-4 (Fine Dining)

As you read, again make note of any keywords or reflections as the Lord speaks to your heart.

Worthy of the Gospel-Philippians Chapter 1:27-30

Even though Paul has determined he will live and will see his friends again, he requests something from them.  What does he request? (v27)

Why does he request this?  (v27)

How will his friends be standing firm? (v27)

Why will they be standing firm? (v27)

Why will they not be frightened by their opponents?  (v28)

What does the sign of unity bring to the opponents? (v28)

Where does this come from? (v28)

Why? (v29-30)

What comes from the gospel? (v27)

Why has it been given? (v29)

Why on Christ’s behalf? (v29)

We do not get to live the life of a rose without the thorns.  There will be struggles and pain in the Christian’s life.

What is the struggle Paul had and now still has? (v30)

A life worthy of the gospel is one that is grateful for the gift God has given to him and willing to go beyond believing in order to experience and know Christ even through His sufferings.  Paul, in the first 30 verses of this letter, has expressed his own likeness in sharing in Christ’s sufferings.  From being a bond servant of Christ to being imprisoned and mocked as Christ was on a tree, to deep anguish over whether or not to live or die, to encouraging his friends as Christ encouraged his disciples before He left them, Paul was warning them of the sufferings that would lie ahead of them.

We may not be in physical bondage or imprisoned, but we could be in other bondage.  Paul is saying through Christ that even this is a gift of God and we should live in a way that demonstrates gratitude.  We should stand firm in one spirit, in one mind, work side by side resting only on the faith we have that comes from the gospel alone.  Our opponents should not frighten us.

Personal Reflections

Paul has one focus and it is to carry out the will of God.  Jesus had one focus and it was to carry out the will of God.  I have one focus and it is ________________________________________.  Oh how I wish I could type that it was the will of God.  Yes, I have moments that my focus is on carrying out the will of God, but to be honest there are few times during the day or week that I ever consciously say, Lord what is your will for me right now.  How do you want me to speak to my children in this moment?  What kind of attitude do you want me to have right now as I prepare lesson plans, wash clothes, or cook dinner?  How do you want me to respond to my husband when he comes home late and exhausted from work?  Lord how do you want me to play with the kids today?  No, these questions seldom come to my mind, yet, Paul and Christ seemed to always be mindful that there was more to this life than living day after day with only self to consider.

Take a moment to prayerfully consider how you carry out God’s will on a daily basis.  Ask Him to show you areas that need to be surrendered to Him.

Week 2 Day 2

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