Week 1 Day 3

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“Oil and incense bring joy to the heart,

and the sweetness of a friend is better than self-counsel.”

Proverbs 27:9

Choose how you will dine with your Lord today:

Read Philippians Chapter 1 (Fast Food)
Read Philippians Chapter 1 (Home Cooking)
Read Philippians Chapters 1-4 (Fine Dining)

As you read, again make note of any keywords or reflections in your journal as the Lord speaks to your heart.

Growing in Knowledge and Discernment-Philippians Chapter 1:8-11

How relational is Paul?  (v8)

Paul will pray several things for the Philippians.  The first is here in chapter 1.

What does he say he is praying for them?  (v.9-11)

What does this imply about the Philippians and what they are currently doing?

Sometimes, the longer we are Christians the less love we have for learning and growing in the word of God which leads to lack of discernment.  The book of Proverbs repeatedly stresses the importance of having a desire to seek out wisdom and utilize discernment.

What is the result of continuing to grow in knowledge and discernment? (v. 10-11)

The Proverbs tell us over and over again to gain wisdom and understanding.  What does Paul pray for his fellow friends and believers?  (v. 9)

Why does he pray this for them? (v. 10-11; see also Proverbs 28:10b)

How will they be able to do this?  (v11b)

Personal Reflections

So many times, especially as parents, we seek for our children to excel in sports, academics or the favorite hobby.  While this is not a terrible desire to have for our children, it should not be the first priority.  Paul knew what his fellow friends needed-to KNOW Christ and to KNOW Him intimately.  Should not our desire for our children, friends, neighbors, and co-workers be the same?  May today be the day we ask God through Jesus Christ to fill us with the fruit of righteousness and give us the desire to know Him more in ways that will lead us into greater discernment.

Day 4

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