Week 1 Day 1

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“All of our actions are driven by our views of God
and how He interacts with us.
Nothing in life could be more important
than knowing God accurately.”
Bill Bright in God: Discover His Character

Knowing God Accurately-Philippians Chapters 1-4

Today is spent reading through the whole book of Philippians making note of any key words or phrases the Lord draws to your attention.   Please record them in your journal as you will want to refer to them throughout the study.

Personal Reflections

When you read a letter from your grandmother you understand it on a deeper level than if your friend were to read the letter.  The same is true when you immerse yourself in a book.  You begin to understand its writer and truly understand the character and personality of the people involved.  Paul wrote to his dearly loved friends in Philippi while imprisoned.  When the Philippians received his letter they already knew him personally and understood immediately his deep passion and concern for them.  In order for us as 21st century believers, we must take the time to get to know Paul personally through his letter to the Philippians, but ultimately we MUST take the time to get to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His letter to us.

Take the time to write Your Heart’s Prayer/Letter to God acknowledging your weakness to understand who He is.  Share with Him your desire to truly seek His face and to know Him more.

Day 2

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