Philippians-To Know Him More

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“My goal is to know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, assuming that I will somehow reach the resurrection from among the dead.  Not that I have already reached the goal or am already fully mature, but I make every effort to take hold of it because I also have been taken hold of by Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 3:10-12

My journey through Philippians began when the Lord impressed upon me the verses He wanted me to focus on for 2012.  January 1, 2012 seems so long ago, yet God’s calling to immerse myself within the book of Philippians has always, if not in the forefront of my mind, forever in the outer shadows bidding me to explore in more depth the truths He wants to share with me.  During this journey a burden to not hold onto the truths revealed to me through His word became evident.  Therefore, Faith Steps would like to invite you to join the presence of God within the book of Philippians as our hearts cry out To Know Him More.

To Know Him More is a four week study.  Depending on your personal schedule, the study  allows for you to chose how you will dine with our Lord and feast on the Bread of Life in one to three ways.  Despite which way you decide to feast, all study questions are the same. You are encouraged to keep a journal handy along with God’s word and an open and receptive heart.

_____Fast Food (15-20 minutes a day): Read one chapter a day
_____Home cookin’ (20-40 minutes a day): Read one to four chapters a day
_____Fine Dining (40-60 minutes a day): Read all of Philippians every day

Take a moment now to prepare your heart, soul, and mind for the work God desires to do in and through you.

“For it is not mere words that nourish the soul, but God Himself, and unless and until the hearers find God in personal experience they are not the better for having heard the truth. The Bible is not an end in itself, but a means to bring men to an intimate and satisfying knowledge of God, that they may enter into HIm, that they may delight in HIs Presence, may taste and know the inner sweetness of the very God Himself in the core and center of their hearts.” A. W. Tozer in The Pursuit of God

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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