Bible Study

Welcome to Faith Step Journey Bible Studies.  We are excited to let you know we are currently working on a new bible study series that will be released soon.

Coming Soon!!!

40 day journey series

What is the 40 Day Journey Series?

The ultimate goal of the upcoming 40 Day Journey Series will be to help draw believers closer to the presence of God.  Prayerfully, this is done through immersing ourselves in God’s word with a humble and open heart in order to receive teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness so that we might better reflect the image of God and bring greater glory and honor to Him.  After spending time in the presence of God, we might then go forth to spread the gospel message so that more captives will be set free.

What will be the first 40 Day Journey?

It’s a secret!!  But you can be among the first to find out by making sure you have enrolled to receive our FREE weekly devotionals.  When the time comes to roll out the first bible study, you will be among the first to know!!

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“God, You are my God;
I eagerly seek You.
I thirst for You;
my body faints for You
in a land that is dry, desolate,
and without water.
So I gaze on You in the sanctuary
To see Your strength and Your glory.

My lips will glorify You
Because Your faithful love is better
Than life.
So I will praise you as long as I live;
At Your name, I will lift up my hands.
You satisfy me as with rich food;
My mouth will praise You with joyful lips.

When I think of You as I lie
On my bed,
I meditate on You
During the night watches
Because You are my helper;
I will rejoice in the shadows of Your wings.
I follow close to You;
Your right hand holds on to me.”

Psalm 63:1-8

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