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Are You Losing Heart?

The first thing that grabbed my attention when I began exploring and reading on the topic of discouragement related to the word’s meaning and it’s relation to the great commandment. In the book, Real Solutions for Overcoming Discouragement, Rejection, and the Blues, Norman Wright gives the definition of discouragement. He states: “Look at the word… Continue reading Are You Losing Heart?

Spiritual Development

Friday Quotes

friday-quotes-for-the-weekend“In religion more than in any other filed of human experience a sharp distinction must always be made between knowing about and knowing.  The distinction is the same as between knowing about food and actually eating it.  A man can die of starvation knowing all about bread, and a man can remain spiritually dead while knowing all the historic facts of Christianity.”  (God’s Pursuit of Man, Tozer)

“To truly confess means you have to be willing to be seen.” Jeanne Stevens @ IF:Gathering2016


Spiritual Development

When God’s Battle Plan is Unconventional

Waves of discouragement often roll up on me unexpectedly and often without me even recognizing the discouragement for what it is until the waves have washed over my head.  Such has been the case this past month.  My initial battle plan to fight discouragement is to retreat or sometimes just dig in my heels and… Continue reading When God’s Battle Plan is Unconventional