The Key To Distraction-Free Living

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes interrupting our plans, dreams, and many other areas of our lives.  When I think of distractions, my mind immediately goes to a scene in the movie Up.  Dug, the dog, comes up to Carl, the widower, and starts explaining to Carl why he can talk.  In the middle […]

How Can I Live With My Mortality?

Funerals always reveal the reality that we are mortal beings.  We do not live forever, and whether it is expected or unexpected, no one is ever ready to face the aftermath of the death. As a pastor’s wife, I have attended many funerals.  Each one is different and yet has similarities. However, they all have […]

How Powerful Is God?

Kaboom!! It wasn’t even a dark and stormy night, but mid-afternoon.  I stood in the living room, chatting with my nephew, and gazing out the kitchen window.  Two of our sons, along with our nephew, had just recently come through the front door not 3 minutes before.   When out of nowhere the loudest noise […]