About Alicia Zbylot

You know the feeling, and you know what you are supposed to do.  You have been in church all your life.  Quiet Time.  Devotional.  Prayer Time.  The terminology may change here and there, but the requirement is the same.  As a Christian, you are expected to be spending time with the Lord every day.  You are expected to be reading God’s Word and praying.  You are expected to have your life demonstrate you have done all this before you begin your day.

These and many other expectations haunt our thoughts and hinder our actual walk with the Lord on a daily basis.  While these expectations hold some truth, our struggle in overcoming the guilt and shame for not walking in these things paralyzes us from moving forward.

But there is HOPE

What if I told you, you could have your own daily time with the Lord instead of feeding off the dregs of your best friends Facebook post, a quote from Pinterest, or the latest Tweet.  You can flourish in your own personal daily time with the Lord.

Whether you are chasing toddlers, managing an office, ironing your husband’s shirt, writing lesson plans, cooking for an army of teenagers, attending meeting after meeting, or trying to figure out where the day went as a recent retiree, you can capture time alone with the Lord every day.

Hello, my name is Alicia Zbylot, and I am so glad you are here!!  My life was transformed when someone shared with me the truth that Christ came to give us abundant life, not just in heaven but here on earth while we wait for His return.  This truth sent me daily seeking after Him to find out more about who God is and the change He desires to do in my life before I spend eternity with Him in heaven.  This continual transformation in my life is why I share what I do with others.  I pray my sharing helps you experience the amazing joy and transformation of walking in a daily relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So, if you find yourself with a desire to spend more time in God’s Word, but rarely find the time or not as often as you would like, then this is the place for you!!

On average, I publish one article a week as encouragement from my own time spent with the Lord.  My goal is to share more with you ways you can spend time with the Lord for yourself.  If you don’t want to miss a thing, click below to sign up for updates and receive the free gift of

7 Easy Things You Can Do Today To Begin The Habit Of Spending Daily Time In God’s Word


More About Alicia

I am a wife and mother who is also called the pastor’s wife and homeschool mom.  I love reading, writing, camping, fishing, and remodeling.  I collect books, drink hot tea and coffee, and enjoy quiet moments at the beach or in a cabin with lots of chocolate!!

My husband, Scott and I married in 1999 just one week shy a year after meeting at a wedding in our hometown.  Scott was told not to interfere with my food or sleep and I was told there would never be a dull moment.  Both have held true.  We have four beautiful children who we homeschool.  Scott is pastor of Silver Springs Baptist Church.

While I hold a Masters Degree in Christian Education with Certification In Women’s ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education at Sam Houston State University, I strive to hold ever so much more to the anchor of my soul which is Christ Jesus.

Join me as we journey together in finding victory and joy in our relationship with the Lord.  Start now with this FREE GUIDE to beginning a daily journey with the Lord.

2 thoughts on “About Alicia Zbylot

  1. Hello There,

    I just discovered your wonderful blog. My goodness, if I could write, we would be sharing similar thoughts! What a blessing to have come across you. My practice is named FaithSteps. I am based in Austin, Tx. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for your beautiful insight.



    1. Hello Gina,
      I am so thankful for your encouraging comment! What a blessing to have someone in Austin putting feet to their faith and helping those in need. So excited for your ministry and hope you are doing well! God bless, Alicia


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