Day 7-You Are What You Read

Today I thought it would be fun to share what I have read so far this year.  It was an excellent opportunity to go back and flip through the books and recall how each transformed me a little more into who I am today.  So here is what I’ve read so far and maybe one of them will peak your interest in reading before this year ends.

Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan

Earlier this year I finished the Professor Horner’s Bible Reading plan.  Reading ten chapters a day makes this by far the most challenging Bible reading plan I have ever done.   However, it was incredibly impacting in my life.  For more information visit the following:
Textbook Christian or Student of Christ 
Horner Bible Reading Plan
Horners Ten Lists

Reclaiming Surrendered Ground: Protecting Your Family from Spiritual Attacks by Jim Logan

Satan likes nothing better than for God’s children to be on one side of the pendulum or the other.  Never does he want for us to be square in the middle of where God would have us walk with Christ.  Such is the debate around issues such as demon possession and spiritual warfare.  When I hear discussions about such things, my first thought is what does the Bible say.  I believe Jim Logan does a nice job of using the Bible to speak the truth of what God means and how to indeed fight against the enemy.  Click here for a free book preview

Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind by Paul White

This book was referenced towards the end of Jim Logan’s book Reclaiming Surrendered Ground.  Written for children between the ages of 9-13 and set in Africa, I thought it would be fun to read.  I was not disappointed.  With pictures and Swahili language interspersed throughout the book, this is a great way to expose children to the African culture.

How to Worship Jesus Christ: Experiencing His Manifest Presence Daily by Joseph S. Carroll

Also, referenced in Reclaiming Surrender Ground, this book is a short easy read but one that will challenge how you genuinely worship our Lord and Savior.  Just over 100 pages, this book makes a great addition to your daily quiet time.  Click here for a free book preview.

Act of Marriage After 40: Making Love for Life by Tim & Beverly LaHaye

More times than not, sexual intimacy is a taboo topic within the church.   God created and designed unadulterated sexual intimacy to be shared in marriage.  Having read The Act of Marriage just before our wedding day and having turned 40 not too long ago in the distant past, I thought it was only appropriate to follow up with this addition.

The Hidden Helpmeet: Stand By Your Man by Debi Pearl & Denny Kenaston

I took this book with me to Uganda.  One, because it was short and easy to pack, and two, because the Lord had been laying on my heart to share with the ladies Sunday school the controversial topic from 1 Peter 3 regarding submitting to your husbands.  This book was incredibly enlightening and gives a great perspective on how God created and designed wives to be the helpmeet to their husbands.

 A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter

A close friend of mine had been actively encouraging me to read this book or any book by Gene Stratton-Porter.  She insisted I would love it.  I finally carved out time and was pleasantly surprised.  This novel offers multiple truths to apply to one’s life amidst a background of nature intertwined with humor.

Thematic Bible Reading Plan

With the Professor Horner’s Bible reading plan complete, it was time to pick a new reading plan.  As I prayed through where God wanted to take me next, I landed on a Thematic Plan found in Biblegateway.  This arrangement allows you to read through scripture and see how scripture testifies to itself both in the old and new testament.

I pray you have been blessed, intrigued, and encouraged to pick up one of these books and add it to your reading list for the remainder of 2017.