Day 28-What Do You Fear?

This weekend and over the next few days, our nation will be consumed with the flurry and hype surrounding Halloween. Many will visit haunted houses, go door to door in scary costumes, watch horror movies and spend tons of money on candy and even Halloween lights. I refuse to get into debates on whether or not Christians should participate in fall festivals, hand out candy, or participate in Halloween events. What I would like to explore briefly is the topic of fear.

What are we studying and learning how to overcome this week in our STEPS: Gospel-Centered Recovery Bible Study? Fear and Grief. As the world celebrates the day of the dead and surrounds themselves with intentional fear, we are learning how to walk in a holy fear of the Lord and removing unhealthy fear out our lives. I wanted to share a great definition of fear from the study for you to consider.

Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat or danger. Spiritually, healthy fear is the fear of the Lord. To fear the Lord is to worship Him alone and is the source of all wisdom and understanding. The absence of the fear of the Lord is the height of foolishness and leads to destruction. Outside the gospel, we live our lives from a self-centered fear that seeks to meet our own perceived needs. As the Holy Spirit reveals this foolishness, we come under the compassion and care of our loving Father. He knows best in providing, protecting, and directing our lives according to His plan and purpose for His glory and our good. (STEPS: Gospel-Centered Recovery)

What do you fear today?