Day 27-Unshared Traditions Shared

I was speaking with a friend last night about the cold weather we were about to have come across Texas this weekend.  When she heard it was going to be in the mid 30’s, she said, “I guess that means its time to have our first cocoa.”  I asked what she meant, and she continued to explain.  Every year when the first frost comes, she goes and gets cocoa for her family to enjoy together.

The next day when the wind began to blow, and the temperatures started to drop; I decided it was time for chili.  Without thinking about it, I began to gather the ingredients in preparation for our dinner.  Then it dawned on me.  Every year when the first cold front comes through and the temperatures drop (not just the “cool” fronts we get so often in the Houston area), I make chili.  It started me thinking about my friend’s tradition of making cocoa every first frost and other traditions outside of the usual holiday traditions we instill within our families.

Without even thinking about it, we do things within our family that others do not yet know are our traditions.  They are meaningful for various reasons, but ones that bring our family together.  Today may we be mindful that our common reactions and patterns we establish in our homes are either looked forward to or regretted.  Let us be intentional in setting trends that bring about joy and point to our heavenly Father’s pleasure in what is being done here on earth.