Day 2-Standing for Life

In the midst of a nation of turmoil over whether or not to stand or kneel for various things, our God in His perfect wisdom ordained the Stand for Life event, held every first Sunday of October, to be a beacon of light and hope for life.   We stood with thousands across the nation and in Canada in silent prayer and worship for the unborn of the world.  Each year God uses that time to speak truth into my heart regarding the sanctity of life and the character of God Himself.

Midway into the hour, I would occasionally glance to see the people passing.  It was interesting to me that most of those driving by were men of all ages, but many young men.  So I began to pray and ask God, “Why are you calling me to pray for men when we are praying for the lives of unborn children and the mothers affected by abortion?”  During that time of prayer, God showed me that He wanted men to step up and begin to show value and honor to women.  To stop the continual degrading and abuse of women sexually as well as verbally.  His heart that He wanted me to pray was for men to turn their hearts towards God’s view of life and the value He places on women.

It wasn’t long after I began praying for this that my eyes turned toward my fellow believers in Christ standing for life across the street.  A man had taken the time to park his car and go into the median to share with them.  God graciously spoke as if to say do not loose hope.  I am working and calling men to be bold and humble.  Praise rang from my lips and prayer continued.

Not long after that another vehicle stopped at the light I was in front of and the window rolled down.  Out of the back seat, a young man held out a cold bottle of water for me to take.  Again, God’s voice seemed to say, I am moving on the hearts of men to love and care for women and children of this world.

Lastly, right before our time ended, I was greeted by yet another window rolling down.  With grey hair, a smile, and a handicap tag hanging from her rear view mirror, these sweet words rang out:

Yes, I am a follower of Christ

It was an encouraging word and one of hope.  To me, it meant even more.  God always likes to go above and beyond to show His children how much He truly cares and is involved in our lives.  You see the most recent sermon series our pastor is preaching is called Follow.  He has been challenging us to seek what it means to follow Christ and then to Follow.  So for this sweet lady to cry out she was a follower of Christ was just God’s special way of encouraging us to continue to stand for what He deems is important and to continue to follow in His steps.

I pray that these things I have shared from my quiet hour of prayer and worship yesterday during LifeChain has spoken to your own heart. I have included the following link from the sermon yesterday which so appropriately supported and enforced the message of God’s zeal for all human life and His desire for each person to live with Him for eternity.