Day 17-Why This Is Late

Photo by Wil Stewart

Today is October 18th, and this post was supposed to be written on October 17th, but that did not happen. Why? I have been asking myself the same question. This month I have been trying to focus on quiet times throughout the day that the Lord might be prompting me to share. However, I went all day yesterday asking and seeking the Lord for what I should write, and nothing was coming. I even went back into my “brainstorming archives,” and still nothing.

As I have pondered what went on yesterday, the Lord showed me He had wanted to set aside yesterday as a day for prayer and not writing. Of course, now I do see it. I had spent the majority of the day in prayer. Not just over what He wanted me to write, but a lot of intercession for my family, the church, and others. What a joy it was to walk through the day in prayer and God’s graciousness in answering some of those prayers while I was praying and not even knowing it!!

If you find yourself today, frustrated because you are not accomplishing what it is you are seeking to accomplish, maybe it is time to step back and look through God’s eyes. It might be you are doing precisely what it is He wants you to do, and you don’t even know it.

I call to God Most High,

to God who fulfills His purpose for me.

Psalm 57:2