Day 14-Trusting Beyond the Losses

Photo by Jake Hills

Judges 20:18-36 is one of those stories in the Bible that has you asking lots of questions.  First, the Israelites have to fight against their brothers the Benjaminites.  That in and of itself will bring questions.  But, what struck me about the story was the issue of trusting God.

The Benjaminites had done a terrible thing, and God wanted to use the Israelites to make it right by fighting against them. After praying and asking God who they should send to fight the Benjaminites, the Israelites head out to battle.  However, instead of coming back victorious, they come back defeated and having lost 22,000 men.  So maybe they didn’t hear the Lord correctly.  They return to the Lord weeping and praying and asking God again if they should fight the Benjaminites.  God still says yes.  The next day, they head out to war and return having lost 18,000 more men.  This time I am sure they were probably a little frustrated with God and had many questions for Him.   They return to the Lord asking if they should fight the Benjaminites, but this time they return weeping, praying, fasting, and offering sacrifices.  Once again God tells them yes.  God says He will give them over into their hands. For the third day in a row, the Israelites head out in obedience to fight the Benjaminites.  This time God gives them the victory.

After reading this, I thought, “Would I trust God enough to continue to obey if I had lost the previous battle?  Do I believe Him and His goodness in what He tells me to do even when I lose people around me?  What about you?  How deep is your trust in God’s Word?

Let us pray today for strength and a willingness to trust God in what He tells us to walk in even when it does not make sense and when we are seemingly losing the battles. In the end, He gives the victory and is ALWAYS faithful to His word.