Day 1-Introduction


Today marks the fifth year for participating in the 31-day writing challenge.  As the time grew nearer to making a personal decision whether or not to participate, my inner being just couldn’t say no.  I have always enjoyed setting a goal and working towards completion.  But, just because the challenge has been placed out there didn’t necessarily mean I should participate.  So I began to pray and felt like God was prompting me to go ahead and work towards writing for 31 days.  The task then became narrowing down what topic to write.  The idea behind 31 Thoughts from Quiet Times came from the many times I rise up from my own quiet times and want to share with people, but just don’t ever take the time or have the opportunity.  With this in mind, I want to take the next 31 days to share some thoughts from my own personal time with the Lord each day.  It may be a prayer, short devotional, picture, song, or possibly some circumstance or encounter I have throughout the day.  Whatever it is, I look forward to seeing what God brings to light in my own time with Him to share with you.