Thoughts from Quiet Times


Whether it be a short devotion, prayer, art, book quotes, or things to ponder, you will be sure to enjoy this year’s 31-day writing challenge theme: Thoughts from Quiet Times

Day 1-Introduction

Day 2-Standing for Life

Day 3-Summer Memories

Day 4-Hope Over Devastation

Day 5-He Holds Our Hands

Day 6-Whose Doing the Fighting?

Day 7-You Are What You Read

Day 8-What Is On My Reading Table Today

Day 9-No Post Today

Day 10-Worship Minus Repentance Equals?

Day 11-YMCA

Day 12-Bump, Set, Spike

Day 13-How Do You Eat Spaghetti?

Day 14-Trusting Beyond the Losses

Day 15-What Stage Of Life Do We Stop Serving?

Day 16-A Prayer For Worship

Day 17-Why This Is Late

Day 18-When The Going Gets Tough

Day 19-When Plans Change

Day 20-A Pondering Heart

Day 21-Partial Obedience Is Still Disobedience

Day 22-God Is Judge

Day 23-Praying God’s Word

Day 24-Connecting With The Psalmist

Day 25-Changes of Seasons

Day 26-Mobile Prayer

Day 27-Unshared Traditions Shared

Day 28-What Do You Fear?

Day 29-All We Need To Live A Godly Life

Day 30-Return To The Spring Not The Vomit

Day 31-Growing In Grace And Knowledge