Day 7: Justice & Sanctification

Oh, that wonderful grace!!  But shall we keep on sinning so that grace may abound?  Not hardly.  The holy God we serve, magnificent in power, love, grace, and mercy, is often times forgotten for His justice.  God’s grace showers us each and every day during the sanctification process but His justice is not far away.  A child who is given everything they ever want and is never disciplined usually turns out spoiled and selfish.  Why would it not be the same for a child of God who only experiences God’s grace and never His discipline or justice?

Our culture takes a more lax position when it comes to God’s justice and has a tendency to take advantage of His grace.  Of course, it is a lot prettier to focus on the grace God extends to His children rather than His judgment over our sin.  R. C. Sproul states it this way in his book The Holiness of God:

Since it is our tendency to take grace for granted, my guess is that God found it necessary from time to time to remind Israel that grace must never be assumed.  On rare but dramatic occasions He showed the dreadful power of His justice.  He killed Nadab and Abihu.  He killed Uzzah.  He commanded the slaughter of the Canaanites.  It is as if He were saying, “Be careful.  While you enjoy the benefits of my grace, don’t forget my justice.  Don’t forget the gravity of sin.  Remember that I am holy” (94-95).

When reading those words, I glanced up from my study to my open bible where my eyes landed on these verses:

The LORD reigns!  Let the peoples tremble.  He is enthroned above the cherubim.  Let the earth quake.  Yahweh is great in Zion; He is exalted above all the peoples.  Let them praise Your great and awe-inspiring name.  He is holy.

The mighty King loves justice.  You have established fairness; You have administered justice and righteousness in Jacob.  Exalt the LORD our God; bow and worship at His footstool.  He is holy.”  Psalm 99:1-5

Oh, how faithful is our God and King.  To have those verses tie in so perfectly to how He ordains His justice to work out in our sanctification!!  He loves justice, He is fair and He is Holy!!

Praise God for His great and awe-inspiring name.  Praise Him for He is exalted and enthroned on high.  Praise Him for the grace He extends to His children.  Lord may we never forget that You are a great and holy God who loves justice.

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