Moment 6: Random Moments

God’s will is not always what we think it will be or what we could ever imagine. Today did not go anything like I thought it was going to and thus I am just now getting to post. Better late than never, but this is going to be short and just random thoughts from my head as we read.

Moment 6

Day 6: Mark 3:7-35

(3:9) Can we say personal space? Jesus had His disciples get him a small boat ready for Him so that the crowd would not crush Him.

(3:11) Unclean spirits and demons bow down before Jesus.

(3:15) Jesus gives His disciples the authority to drive out demons. We will revisit this issue again later in Mark as well.

(3:21) Jesus’ own family wanted to restrain Him. When we totally surrender to God, sometimes our own family thinks we are weird or Jesus freaks.

Binding the Strongman(3:27) In relation to binding the strong man, I remembered this quote from The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority by Adrian Rodgers:

Husbands, did you know that in order for Satan to attack your family, he must come through you? From the beginning, God placed the husband as the sentinel of the garden to oversee and protect. In Matthew 12:20 we learn that no one can ‘enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man.’ If Satan can go through the husband, he can get at the family.

The husband has the responsibly and the authority to protect the home from demonic intruders and influences. Satan must come through him to get at the family. Satan hopes the husband will stay ignorant of this responsibility and authority.

Of course, the husband cannot override his wife’s will if she willingly chooses to do evil. Also, if the husband fails, the wife may step into the gap and interceded for her family. But these facts do not free the husband from his responsibility to be a ‘strong man’” (159).

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