Moment 30: This Man Really Was…

Moment 30Mark 15

I’m struggling today to write anything today as I read the significance of God’s love for me poured out through the blood of Christ on the cross. My prayer today is that you would not read about how Christ’s death has impacted my own life, but that you would truly take the time today to read Mark 15, place yourself in the crowd on the way to Golgotha, find yourself at the foot of the cross as you hear the voices mocking and taunting Jesus. Hear the Savior’s voice ring out and watch Him take His last breath. Hear the proclamation by the Gentile centurion,

“This man really was God’s Son!”

Watch from a distance with the other women as a prominent member of the Sanhedrin boldly requests Jesus’ body, wraps it in new linen and places Jesus in the tomb. Watch the stone roll over the opening and slowly return to your home.

At the Cross