Moment 29: Abandoned. Alone. Accused.

Oh how our dear Savior, Teacher, and Friend must have felt. I cannot even imagine. To have all the ones you love so dear, all the ones you have poured your life into for three years, not even stay awake with you for an hour during your deepest, darkest time and then to desert you as you are carried away in the chains; chains that should have been on your own wrists.

Moment 29Mark 14:53-72

It is hard to even write anything today as I meditate on that evening in the garden. To picture my Lord and Savior dragged off willingly, without a fight and not even being able to look Him in the eyes as His loved poured out is more than I can bear. To ignore the sound of the rooster crow until it was too late to turn back. To weep out of true repentance for the denial I have made against my Lord.

Lord, forgive me for abandoning you. Forgive me for leaving You alone to face the chief priests and Sanhedrin. Forgive me for denying You over and over again and ignoring the rooster crowing. Forgive me for the hurt and pain I have caused you. Jesus I come to you weeping and broken today. May the cross be ever before me and the world behind me. I love You Lord. Thank you for Your Love, Your Forgiveness, Your Peace, Your Comfort, Your Willingness to love a sinner like me.

Jesus, I Come

Christ is Enough