Moment 18: No Fear of Death

Moment 18

Mark 8:22-38

After you take a moment to read today’s passage, I would like to share with you insights from Earl Lavender’s book Mark: Jesus is God’s Son 




I wanted to share one more insight from the Lectio Divina Bible Studies Listening for God Through Mark.    

“In verse 35 Jesus suggests that the way to truly live is to have no fear of death. This is the essence of new life—a life not subject to death. Crucifixion was the means of death that awaited Jesus, a popular way of executing criminals in the Roman Empire. But, as we know, death did not have its desired effect on Jesus and his resurrection ensures believers that death stands defeated, posing no further threat to us. The world we live in is subject to death, and anything gained by the world is also subject to death. But eternal life is the gift of God. This is faith: to believe in something new, something the world does not have nor can it produce (45).”

While we do not have to fear physical death, we also do not have to fear the death of anything in our lives that does not reflect Christ.  Lord, help us to walk in the identity You give us as children of God.  We are no longer slaves to anyone but You.

No Longer Slaves