Moment 10: Only Believe

Today we find Jesus leaving the Decapolis (Gentile territory) because the people of that region were afraid after seeing how Jesus saved the man with the unclean spirit (5:15b). Instead of welcoming Jesus, they begged Him to leave (5:15-16). However, the man who had been demon possessed begged Jesus to allow him to go with Him, but Jesus sent him back home to bear witness to what the Lord had done in his life (5:19-20). The man obeyed Jesus and went out and began to proclaim how much Jesus had done for him (5:20). What a great reminder to us that we too should proclaim in our “region” all Jesus has done for us.

After Jesus crosses back over to the other side, a large crowd once again gathers around Him. Take a few quite moments to settle your heart as you read the following passage. Consider what it must have felt like to be one of the people amongst the crowd gathering to see Jesus in order to hear what He would say or see what He would do this day. Put yourself in the shoes of Jarius, the woman with the issue of blood, or even the disciples who are still following Jesus everywhere.

Moment 10

Mark 5:21-43

Oh if only there were time to flush out each character and see the events unfold from each of their perspectives.


Jairus pulling Jesus through the crowds with urgency to get Jesus to his daughter to heal her.

The woman pushing her way through the crowd making everyone she touches unclean as she tries so desperately just to touch Jesus’ robes so she will be healed from her issue of blood.

The disciples trying to keep everyone out of Jesus’ personal space as He tries to walk all the while observing this Teacher seemingly “going out with joy and being peacefully guided” (Isaiah 55:12) by God the Father.



Jairus hearing the words “Do not be afraid, only believe” (5:36).

The woman hearing the words, “Who touched my robes?” (5:30).

Being one of three disciples to hear the words, accompany Me into Jairus’ home (5:37).


Jairus believing that if he could get Jesus to just touch his daughter she would be made well (5:23).

The woman believing that if she could just touch Jesus’ robe she would be made well (5:28).

The disciples’ lack of faith and even speaking condescending to Jesus stating He was foolish to even ask who touched His robes (5:31).


jairus daughter

Jairus seeing Jesus touch his daughter’s hand and raising her to new life (5:41).

The woman immediately sensing in her body that she was cured of her affliction (5:29).

The disciples seeing Jesus really does know who touches Him and when power is released from Him as well as watching Him bring a dead child back to life (5:33-34, 42).

you-raise-me-up-gradient-letteringWhere are you today in your walk with the Lord? What has He pressed on your heart through the reading of His Word that He desires for you to live out today?

Lord, help me to not be afraid but only believe. Help me to believe that by just the touch of your garments you can make me well. Help me not to doubt your ability to recognize when people have an encounter with you nor that you raise people from the dead. Raise this child of yours to walk in a fresh faith in who You are and what You can do.

You Raise Me Up