Moments in Mark



It is my desire during this year’s 31 day writing challenge for myself and anyone else following along with me on this journey to draw deeper and more intimate in our relationship with the Lord.  My heart yearns to be in the presence of God, to become more conformed into the image of Christ Jesus my Redeemer, and to demonstrate my love and devotion to God through what I hear, see, taste, touch, and do each and every day.  May we all take a moment over the next 31 days to just be with our Lord, listen to His voice, and rest in Him alone.

Word of God Speak

Moment 1: Calling Us to Life With Him

Moment 2: Living With Convicted Faith

Moment 3: Living Sabbath Rest

Moment 4: All Things Are Possible

Moment 5: Sabbath for Who?

Moment 6: Random Thoughts

Moment 7: Sowing Disciple Makers

Moment 8: Resting in the Storm

Moment 9: Demon Centered or Christ Centered

Moment 10: Only Believe

Moment 11: Being Sent Out

Moment 12: Preparing the Way for Heart Change

Moment 13: Daily Bread

Moment 14: Desperate for His Face

Moment 15: Man’s Traditions = False Worship

Moment 16: What Comes Out of You?

Moment 17: Don’t You Understand Yet?

Moment 18: No Fear of Death

Moment 19: Help My Unbelief

Moment 20: Bringing Glory to God

Moment 21: It’s Not About Avoiding Divorce

Moment 22: We Still Lack One Thing

Moment 23: I’m Going to Die

Moment 24: Cleaning Out Our Attics

Moment 25: Whose Authority?

Moment 26: Turn Up the Heat

Moment 27: Be Alert!

Moment 28: Surely Not I

Moment 29: Abandoned. Alone. Accused

Moment 30: This Man Really Was…

Moment 31: Worthy is the Lamb