Introducing 31 Days of Dying to Live

“As if you don’t have enough to do already.”

I can hear it vibrating through the hairs in my ears as I fight to decipher whether I am crazy to even think of attempting to write for 31 days straight or if I am just crazily lifting one foot at a time in faith as I am walking in God’s grace.  Either way here I go and please have grace if I do not make it every day.

Last week I took a moment to check in on one of the blogs I follow since I had not had a chance to read in awhile and there was a link to another blog challenging people to write for 31 days on one topic.  My love for writing was pricked and I began to ponder what I would write and if I would even be able to write for 31 days let alone on one specific topic.  The following evening our family attended the Montrose Street Reach Church, where I heard Mrs. Kim speak the following words in the middle of her prayer, “Jesus taught us how to live” and

 Jesus taught us how to die.”

It’s true and the words never left my spirit.  Jesus DID teach us how to die.  I have been reading through the gospels for the last two months.  As I have been reading my heart has been more and more drawn to the countless times Jesus dies to Himself even BEFORE He arrives at the cross.  Yet, He lived the most abundant and fulfilled life anyone has ever lived here on this earth.  How can this be?  This is what I want to consider, write, pray through, and sing praises about for the next 31 days.

Will you join me on this journey?  If you have not already subscribed to receive daily e-mails from Faith Steps Journey, I would encourage you to take a moment now and do so in order to not miss out on what God has in store for each of us.  I would also encourage you to leave a comment or question each day about how that particular thought or idea or verse spoke to your heart so that the rest of us can participate in the work the Holy Spirit is doing around the world.  You may also wish to download the  Gospel Monthly Reading Plan I created two months ago to keep me on track.

Jesus died daily while walking on this earth.  May the next 31 days teach us how we can learn to live a life that is


Do you think I’m crazy for attempting this journey?  

Are you going to join with me?  

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  1. This is no problem for you!!! You have are just crazy enough to make it through the 31 days 🙂 I look forward to reading the posts.

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