Die 25-Dying to Justice


Justice must be served.


Or does it?

Earlier this week we visited the idea of Dying to Grudges and Dying to Judging.  It was clearly demonstrated by Jesus that His relationship with the Father was enough to allow Him to rest in His Father’s will.  Today, Jesus overcomes the strenuous task of looking a betrayer in the eyes as a kiss is laid upon His check and dying to the justice Jesus could have so easily given. 

“While He was still speaking, Judas, one of the Twelve, suddenly arrived.  A large mob, with swords and clubs, was with him from the chief priests and elders of the people.  His betrayer had given them a sign: ‘The One I kiss, He’s the One; arrest Him!’  So he went right up to Jesus and said, ‘Greetings, Rabbi!’ and kissed Him.  ‘Friend,’ Jesus asked him, ‘why have you come?’”  Matthew 26:47-50a


Let’s just stop right here.  How would you respond to your betrayer?  Would you call them friend!?!  Yesterday we saw how Jesus calls us friends.  But don’t we have a right since we follow Him?  How can Jesus call Judas a friend?  Could it be that He truly loved the world as His Father loved the world?

“Then they came up, took hold of Jesus, and arrested Him.  At that moment one of those with Jesus reached out his hand and drew his sword.  He struck the high priest’s slave and cut off his ear.

Then Jesus told him, ‘Put your word back in its place because all who take up a sword will perish by a sword.   Or do you think that I cannot call on My Father, and He will provide me at once with more than 12 legions of angels?  How, then, would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen this way?’” Matthew 26:50b-54

Now we can see more clearly how Jesus’ dies to justice.  Jesus knew the ultimate justice would be served by fulfilling His Father’s will not His own.  We do not have to fear injustice when the Father is Just.

This is day 25 of the 31 days of Dying to Live.  

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