Dying to Live



Thanks for joining me  and many others on this year’s 31 day writing challenge.   Beginning October 1 and each day thereafter, Lord willing, you will find each day’s link below encouraging us to follow Jesus’s example of how to die in order to live.  Please feel free to comment, leave questions, share it with your friends, or even post other links to similar topics discussed on that day. Find out what the theme Dying to Live is all about by clicking:

Introducing 31 Days of Dying to Live

Die 1: Dying to Our High Positions

Die 2: Dying to Our Low Positions

Die 3: Dying to New Roles

Die 4: Dying to Please Others (Guest Post from Living by Grace)

Die 5: Dying to Eat

Die 6: Dying to Doubting God

Die 7: Dying to Idol Worship

Die 8: Dying to Popularity

Die 9: Dying to Reputation

Die 10: Dying to Time

Die 11: Dying to Fame

Die 12: Dying to Perfection

Die 13: Dying to Distractions

Die 14: Dying to Sex (Guest Post from That None May Boast)

Die 15: Dying to Comfort

Die 16: Dying to Money

Die 17: Dying to Relationships

Die 18: Dying to Emotions (Guest Post from Living by Grace)

Die 19: Dying to Security

Die 20: Dying to Sleep

Die 21: Dying to Grudges

Die 22: Dying to Judging

Die 23: Dying to Your Past (Guest Post from Living by Grace)

Die 24: Dying to Self

Die 25: Dying to Justice

Die 26: Dying to the Right to Speak

Die 27: Dying to Authority

Die 28: Dying to Peer Pressure

Die 29: Dying to Physical Health

Die 30: Dying to Death

(Guest Post from That None May Boast)

Die 31: Dying to Live

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