Just A Spoonful Of God’s Word

“Come take your medicine.”

Remember those words called out to you in the middle of the most inconvenient time as a child?

Who likes to take medicine?  Even if it doesn’t taste bad, no one wants to take it.  It is inconvenient and reminds us that something is wrong.

So why does the mom continue to tell the child to take their medicine?  They know it is going to be what makes them better.

As a pastor’s wife, I am approached often with various situations and circumstances needing advice.  After listening and clarifying the needs, my most often the response is: 

How is your time in the Word?

Now before you turn away and write me off as being legalistic, hear me out.

I don’t ask this question because I am trying to judge or because reading God’s Word is a “have to” for a Christian.

The reason I ask is that it has been proven over and over again in believers lives including my own that the solution to whatever problem or situation being discussed can be answered in God’s Word.  

When I say answered, I mean that God reveals Himself to His child through the reading of His Word.  In the revealing, the child of God becomes aware of how the situation or problem should be handled.

The enemy knows this which is why it is such a struggle for us to read God’s Word consistently.  But there is a way.  

So pull up the sugar jar and some spoons and let’s take a look at four ways to get time in God’s Word.

Spoon 1: Ask For Prayer

Reading God’s Word is nothing to take lightly.  There is a battle going on in the spiritual world to keep you from learning the truth.  Satan knows that if he can keep you from reading God’s Word, then he can continue to feed you lies.

Sanctify them by the truth; Your Word is truth. John 17:17

So the best way to combat the enemy is to ask others to pray for you.  Specifically, ask them to pray that you would have regular time reading God’s Word even if it is just 10 minutes a day.  Start there!!

Spoon 2: Have a plan

“What is your plan for the day?”  

My husband hates this question.  But as a planner, I can’t help but ask it.

The truth is if you don’t have a plan, then the chances of you going anywhere or getting anything accomplished are slim.

It is the same way with reading God’s Word.  A lot of people will tell me they open up the Bible and wherever it falls is where they read.  This is fine on occasion but to do it every day is not wise.

Choosing a Bible reading plan is critical in helping you stay consistently reading God’s Word.  It not only holds you accountable but also allows God to speak to you through the whole counsel of His Word over a period of time.

All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.  2 Timothy 3:16-17

There are tons of Bible reading apps and plans, but I would encourage you to pick up your hard copy of the Bible and begin reading in a book of the Bible until you have completed it.  

Holding God’s Word in your hand instead of your phone also keeps you on task and accountable for completing your reading.  

Spoon 3: Take the Medicine, Read!!

With your friends praying and your Bible reading plan is chosen, the next spoonful to swallow is reading God’s Word!!

First, set the alarm on our phone so that you are not worried about running late.  

Next, begin your time with a short prayer asking God to help you not to be distracted and for understanding what you are about to read.  Remember reading God’s Word is a spiritual battle so start with praying against the to-do-list that wants to pop in your head as you read.

Read!  Read!  Read!

Read until your alarm goes off!!

Spoon 4: Record Your Thoughts

At the end of each reading time, jot down a few of the thoughts or insights God has given you from the reading.  It can be as straightforward or as elaborate as you have time for, but writing down at least one take away, will help keep it in your mind throughout the day.  

Finally, close with a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness in helping you to read His Word.


Reading God’s Word is the spoonful of sugar that helps us through each day.  

Whether it be the phone call we receive with bad news, the toilet overflowing, the burnt toast, or merely the deadline that has to be met, just a spoonful of God’s Word makes the day’s struggles, demands, and sorrows, fade away into the light of God’s glory and grace. 

Don’t waste another minute.  

Go take your medicine and see how much better you begin to feel.




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