Satan Knows His Geography, Do You?

Do you know Satan has a strategic geographical plan to keep people out of the kingdom of God?

Do you also know God has a geographical plan to battle against Satan and it involves you?

We often shy away from terms like spiritual warfare, rulers, powers, principalities, and authorities of darkness despite the Bible’s use of the terms. As Christians, we need not hide from any part of the truth of God’s Word and should, as God leads, press into what He would have us learn along our journey with Him.

So where does the idea of geographical tactics originate?

To understand fully, we must define the spiritual term of principalities. When we know the term principalities, we gain insight into the idea of the geographical tactics Satan uses to keep people out of the kingdom of God. Dean Sherman explains the meaning behind principalities in his book, Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian.

Principalities are often referred to as “territorial spirits.” Principalities are not bigger, stronger, and more evil than other spirits in the kingdom of darkness. They don’t necessarily have four more heads or ten more eyes. Principalities are simply beings with broad areas of influence in Satan’s kingdom.
To understand the word “principality,” think of the word itself: A “prince” is a leader with a title; the suffix “pality” has to do with both geography and demography. Geography is the study of land areas, and demography is the study of how people are grouped in society. The term principality reveals a most significant aspect of Satan’s approach to our planet. Satan deploys his forces according to a map of the world. He hasn’t haphazardly scattered his troops. They don’t run around chaotically, bumping into one another.

If Satan “deploys his forces according to a map of the world” then shouldn’t we know the map of the world and be deploying the forces of Christ into it?

One of the responsibilities God desires for us to walk in is that of a warrior though most believers have walked away from this responsibility leaving it to the “powers that be” to fight in their place. However, God has created us to take part in the battle and to do so in this geographical battle is to do so in prayer and then physically when called.

Joining The Fight—You Are Not Alone

To enter the battle in gaining ground around the world, we must first recognize we are not alone. Stanley D. Gale in the book, What is Spiritual Warfare: Basics of the Reformed Faith encourages the believer by reminding us we are not alone in the spiritual battle.

God has not left us alone to face the foe but has enfolded us into the company of his people where we find community in the Spirit and camaraderie in mission. We need the fellowship of the brethren to watch our backs, to encourage us in battle, and to urge one another on to abide in Christ lest we grow weary and lose heart (Heb. 3:12-13; 10:19-25).
The work of the kingdom is a corporate venture (Matt 18:18-20). Paul’s call for prayer following his inventory of the whole armor of God for the conduct of spiritual warfare invokes not only personal prayer but also corporate prayer, not only prayer for self but for fellow soldiers in the battle to be fought and the work of the gospel to be advanced (Ephesians. 6:18-20).

When we remember we are not alone on the battlefield, it gives us the strength to create a battle plan and share it with others who will join and encourage us.

Creating A Battle Plan—Who Are You Praying For?

Dean Sherman does a great job of explaining the reason why believers must know their geography and the importance of having an intentional battle plan. After defining the term principalities and Satan’s geographical plan to thwart God’s desire for all to come to know Him, Sherman states:

The powers of darkness know about and have strategies for every group of people. The only thing standing in Satan’s way is the Church. Spiritual warfare on a global scale means learning to pray geographically.

Even though we can not physically be everywhere in the world, it does not prevent us from being there spiritually through prayer. It costs us nothing, outside of a little time, to open a map, pick an area, and begin praying for the people who live there. It cost us nothing to pray for our neighbors, friends, and family who are far from God. Here are a couple of practical ways to battle against Satan in prayer geographically.

  • Start With Your Jerusalem—Relationship Map
    A new resource for me in the area of geographically praying is what is known as an Oikos or relationship map. To begin, you take a piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle with your name in it. Next, you pray and ask God to help you to see all the people around you that you know that are far from God. Then as names come to mind, you write their name down and draw a circle around them. Before long you have a whole map of people that you can begin praying over every day. Click here to download your relationship map and start fighting the geographical battle today.
  • Pray for Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the Earth
    After you have begun praying for those in your immediate vicinity, consider spreading your prayers out over Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the Earth. The Voice of the Martyrs is a great place to find out information about fellow persecuted believers who desperately need and rely on our prayers. Click here for more details.
    If you have children, or even if you don’t, a great way to help them learn geography, as well as various people groups around the world, is the resource Window On The World: When We Pray God Works. The book is an excellent help in praying over various people groups and regions across the globe.
    We used this for several years by reading about a people group and then praying for them each week.

Praying is only part of the geographical battle. God’s Word reminds us that the feet of those who carry the gospel are blessed (Romans 10:15). As we pray, we should be sensitive to areas where the Lord would have us physically carry the gospel.

Taking It To The Streets—Sharing the Gospel

From boats to trains, to automobiles, to air, and much more, travel has never been easier than it has at this moment in history. Thus the ability to physically travel to areas where the gospel needs to be preached is not as hard as we like to make it. There will be times during the geographical battle that God will call us to open our mouths to those around us and share the gospel.

If we are to battle in prayer, we must acknowledge the battle will be taken out of the bunker and out onto the battlefield. Gale describes the Lord’s prayer as a reminder of this very opportunity.

The prayer Jesus taught his disciples to pray in Matthew 6 escorts us to the battlefield and engages us in spiritual warfare. It is a kingdom prayer that expresses kingdom allegiance, reflects kingdom qualities, and seeks kingdom goals against the kingdom of this world. It lays siege to the kingdom of Satan in that the kingdom of God advances at the expense of the kingdom of Satan.

God desires to use you in the battle against the enemy. Embrace your position in the war and train as any good soldier. Learn geography and be quick to obey when you are called out of the bunker.

How well do you know your geography?

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