Is There Refuge In A God Who Hates Sin?

“That’s it! I see it now!”

The Bible study had been discussing the holiness of God and how as we understand His holiness, more and more of our sin comes to light. In other words, when we begin understanding more of God’s holiness, the magnitude of our sin becomes greater and greater. As our sin is increasing and we don’t think we will be able to stand up under it, God’s holiness sweeps down and burns it away leaving us at the feet of Jesus.

Nice thought but, could I take it with me and apply it to my life?

Shortly after this revelation from my Bible study, I was sitting in a discipleship class as we read and discussed the first lesson out of Luke 7:36-50. The focus was on Jesus’ command for us to repent and believe.

As we worked through the passage about the sinful woman washing Jesus’ feet, my daughter commented how the woman kept kissing His feet.

She never stopped.

Why was the sinful woman able to continue to wash Jesus’ feet with her hair, tears, and perfume?

Then it clicked.

This woman’s sins had been on display not only before God but before many men as well. In the presence of Christ’s holiness, her sin was shone for what it was. She could no longer hide or lie to herself about her sin. As she brought her sins in repentance to Christ, she was met with forgiveness and not condemnation.

When Christ’s holiness began burning away her sins, she was drawn to sit at His feet and worship through her act of washing His feet with her tears, perfume, and kisses.

What the sinful woman received and experienced is for us to receive and experience too.  Her example helps us to see how we can live and apply it to our own lives.


Take a moment to consider your sins in the light of a Holy God. Do not be afraid to bring them into the light so that God’s holiness can burn them away. Allow His holiness to draw you to repentance. Then as God burns away your sin, worship the Holy God who is faithful and just to forgives you of our sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).


If the woman expressed her sincere gratitude and love for Jesus by washing His feet, what does your love for Jesus look like today?

How do you express your gratitude and love for the forgiveness of your sins?

Since we can’t physically wash Jesus’ feet, how does your worship of Jesus express itself?

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