When Your Child Gets Lost

It was a hot July summer morning.  Scott, the children (ages 5, 4, 2 and 1) and I were at a church with two other churches and youth groups.  People were buzzing around everywhere.  Youth were playing ball in the gym and running up and down the stairs to the classrooms and into the lobby.  

Standing in the middle of the lobby for a youth summer outreach with our two youngest in the double stroller and the two older children standing close by, Scott and I were discussing what he needed me to get at Wal-mart.  After confirming what he needed, I went to gather the children when a wave of panic came over me.

Our oldest son was nowhere to be found.  

The search began.  At first, it was just Scott, myself and few of the older adults that were in the vicinity.  But as the minutes ticked by, we asked for more and more help.  Of course, no one even knew what he looked like or who he was as we were relatively new to the area.  

As each minute crept by my heart began to get tighter and tighter and the prayers more and more desperate.

The church was located on a corner street and if he had gone outside anything could have happened.  We looked outside and around the church but still no four-year-old little boy.   The search continued, and word spread.  People were calling his name out as we covered the two-story gym and facility area.   

I went out to the car one more time. 

Red-faced, tears, and sitting in the back seat of the suburban was our son.  He had overheard our conversation and took it upon himself to get in the car instead of waiting for me.  When he got into the car, he realized it was hot and tried to get out.  However, the particular door he chose was the one that happened to be broken and could not be opened from the inside.  

He was trapped.

I opened the car and grabbed him out of the car as the tears rolled down my face and the questions started flying out of my mouth.  Oh, what relief and thanksgiving filled my soul.   

I have not thought of this story in a long time, but as the Lord reminded me of it this week, He shared with me yet another lesson to be learned from that experience.

Don’t rush God’s plans even if He has revealed them to you.  

Sometimes when we hear God’s voice, we jump up and start implementing what we heard only to find ourselves trapped.  It takes our heavenly Father pursuing and opening up the door to release us for us to escape the heat.  

Notice this pattern at the end of Psalm 27.  

I am certain that I will see 

the LORD’s goodness in the land of the living.

Wait for the LORD;

be strong and courageous.

Wait for the LORD.

David is confident He will see the Lord’s goodness, but what does he remind himself?  


Take time today to wait on God.  It is always best to follow our Father than to run ahead.  

Lord, God, help me to remember that You are the pacesetter.  I am the follower.  Go before me and even when I hear Your voice, help me to remain at Your side instead of ahead of You.  In Jesus Name, Amen

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