Letting Down Our Nets

It is so easy to be discouraged in this world today.  But we even when we don’t feel like doing what it is God has called us to do, we can Let Down Our Nets, and God will be faithful to fill them.  I am so excited to share with you this excerpt featured at Women Encouraged.

Ask any woman who has given birth if she ever really thought she would be able to push and make it to the finish line after laboring all night (or even an hour for that matter.)  Women rarely believe they can, but, through God’s grace and strength they do and what is birthed is the most beautiful creation their eyes ever see.  All the doubts and discouragement that comes with pregnancy and the laboring process results in pure joy as the child is placed in their arms.

Many things in our lives feel this same way.  As we consider the topic of Pressing On this month, let us look at the encouragement God’s Word brings regarding abandoning our self-sufficient lives and pressing into the God who is our Sustainer.

Read the rest of this post at Women Encouraged


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