How God Uses Coffee To Beckon Us

Technology is a fantastic thing.  Every evening I set our coffee pot at a predetermined time for the following morning to brew my coffee.  I pour in the predetermined amount of water, appropriate amount of coffee grounds to match, and hit the auto button.  The next morning, the heater (on the really cold days) or the air conditioner (on the warmer days) in our home kicks on and the aroma of coffee dances it’s way down the hall and through the air vents to meet my nose and my alarm clock.  It awakens me as my alarm plays, We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory and the verse, “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8), echoes in my mind.  The day begins and God, once again, has used the aroma and music to help beckon me to meet with Him.  I have learned to embrace this morning routine on most mornings though I must admit the really cold mornings when the covers are extra warm I have a hard time getting up and wish the coffee pot was on the nightstand.  However, this scenario has not always been the habit and routine in my life.

While I have always loved the smell of coffee, I have not always enjoyed the taste.  As a child, I remember walking through the mall taking deep breaths as we passed the coffee shops.  Even in the grocery stores when crossing the coffee aisle, my nose and lungs would suck up the aroma from the coffee beans.  Whenever I was in someone’s home or at church and people around me were drinking coffee, I would drink in the smell and occasionally fix a cup for myself with the hopes that I would like that cup of joe.  Time and time again I was met with the disappointment of the taste.  Then one day it happened.  My taste changed and there was no turning back.  In fact, most mornings you can find me with two cups of coffee before the day gets rolling.  With a little honey, evaporated milk or half and half, and time with my Lord, I’m usually good to go.

Acquiring a taste for coffee reflects a similar journey in spending time with the Lord.  When we are around others who have seemingly mastered this technique, we take deep breaths and soak in the aroma that seeps from their words and actions.  As we attempt to set aside that quiet time with the Lord and make it a goal to spend more time with Him, our attempts often fail because what we taste in our time with the Lord doesn’t seem to match what we have smelled in other people.  We think our time with the Lord doesn’t smell as good as it does on them.  But that is not how it works.

Our time with the Lord is a unique and special blend God has brewed up just for us.  God knows what tastes good and is best for our souls.  We may not like the bitter taste at first, but over time as the taste testing gets more and more frequent, and our tastes become more like what God loves, we find the sweet aroma of our Lord and Savior coming out of our own words and actions.  The sweetness that comes from spending time with the Lord soon rises and overcomes the desire to sleep longer.  The burden becomes a blessing to wake in the morning in a warm house, with coffee to drink, and breath to breathe.  It is the cup of Christ, not the cup of joe, we enjoy each day that sustains and refreshes us.

What about your journey?  Have you found yourself in a similar situation where you compare your time with the Lord with others?  Have you been able to taste and see that the Lord is good for yourself, or just through other people?  I’d love to hear about your journey with the Lord.  E-mail me and share the cup of Christ you regularly drink with the Lord.

May you rest in God’s unchanging grace as you enjoy your unique blend and time with the Lord this weekend!!


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