The new year has come and with it brings all kinds of resolutions and for many a new Bible reading plan.  But before you begin your Bible reading plan this year, consider these three things first.

Often goal setting carries with it the false idea that we can do anything in our strength.  The reality is, we can do nothing in our power and this includes implementing and completing a Bible reading plan.  Therefore, we should begin with PRAYER!  An excellent place is prayerfully reading through all of Psalm 119.  As you meditate, allow your heart to echo the heart of the psalmist as he proclaims the truths of God’s Word in his life and seeks a heart that hungers and thirsts after God.

Second, we need to choose a plan.  Without a plan, we tend to go day after day as a leaf in the wind.  There is no sure foundation for what we are standing, and this is not the character of God.  Our God is a God of order and plans whose purposes and plans come to fruition.  As we follow His ways, then we too should be encouraged to have a plan.  But, we should not just assume which plan God wants us to use.  He already knows what we will be encountering this next year, so He knows what plan will align with what we need to read at what time throughout the year.  After humbling ourselves before God and seeking His direction, we can then choose.  There are numerous resources, and it doesn’t matter if it is Read the Bible in a Year, read a chapter a day, or read ten chapters a day (Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan), what matters is you have a plan.

Lastly, it would do us no good to have a plan and then not implement it.  However, this too must be done through God’s strength.  Sheer willpower will not make the plan sustainable.  It will only be the sustaining Savior of our Lord and God which will enable us to maintain and complete what God desires to do in our lives this next year through His Word. I am sure of this that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).

God’s Word is actively in us when we are actively in God’s Word.  So I encourage you to stay in the Word in 2018, not from your strength, but in the power God provides.

Father God, we thank you for helping us this past year to draw closer to You through Your Word.  We praise You for being a God who works in us to enable us to have a desire and the ability to work out the plans and purposes You have for us in 2018 (Philippians 2:13).  We pray that as we move into a new calendar year, You will help us to draw even closer to You.  May You be glorified through the work You do in and through us because of Your faithfulness to mold us into the image of Christ.  Father God, thank You for Your goodness this past year and thank You for the year You are about to bring.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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  1. God has reminded me over and over again to seek His “strategies”. Your post is an excellent reminder. Thank you! Be blessed by His continuous Presence throughout this new year!

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