Changing of the Seasons

joy-leavesThe changing of the seasons is usual a great welcome to many, especially to those of us in Texas where the summer heat is seemingly neverending.  So as summer becomes fall, we welcome the mild temperatures the season bring.  However, change is not embraced so easily when it applies to our lives.  The temporary pain, hurt, suffering, and loss of control and plans are dreaded rather than welcomed.  Can there be any joy in the change?

Yes!  This is what we are examining this month during the 31-day writing challenge.  This past week we considered the following:

Day 1: Sanctification–What is it?

Day 2: Freedom & Sanctification

Day 3: Abiding & Sanctification

Day 4: Dying & Sanctification

Day 5: God & Sanctification

Day 6: Grace & Sanctification

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