the hound of heavenA Story

After a full day of studying and writing, we left slightly early so we could make a trip to Lifeway and still beat the 5 o’clock traffic.  Not too far down the road, we approached an intersection with a truck stalled and causing traffic.  We made the turn and Scott said we needed to turn around and help get him out of the intersection.  Flashers turned on, Scott left our vehicle and approached the truck.  A red headed man with a ponytail eased out of the truck and shook hands with Scott.

Tim had run out of gas and was waiting on his friend who was on foot to bring some back.  Tim had a tow strap, so we towed him into the parking lot and out of the way of the traffic.  Scott told Tim we could take him to find his friend so that he would not have to wait so long and his friend wouldn’t have to walk so far.  After a short run down the road, Tim spotted his friend walking across a field with a gas tank in hand.  Scott began honking the horn and Tim called out after his friend.  Unresponsive to the horn or the calling, Scott decided to turn the suburban into the field and try to catch him before he disappeared into the brush.  Tim’s friend finally heard us and joined us in the car.  Not 5 seconds after getting in the car, this man looks at Scott and says, “I know you!!”


“Yes, I met you handing out bread awhile back.”

Now, if that doesn’t beat all!!  The church’s bread ministry passes out free bread every Saturday morning and Monday afternoon.  It was there Michael had met Scott.

As we drove back to Tim’s truck, Scott commented, “God must really be pursuing you if a baptist preacher drives out into a field off of 1960 and picks you up, only to find out you already know him.  That can’t be a coincidence.”  Tim shook his head and Michael agreed.  Scott shared how his own grandfather used to describe it as the hound of heaven pursuing him until he surrendered.

We arrived at Tim’s truck and Scott shared the gospel message with both men.  They both prayed to surrender their lives to Christ.  Tim’s sister showed up with more gas and we all departed our ways.

Please continue to pray for Tim and Michael.  Pray that they had sincere surrendered hearts.

The hound of heaven was pursuing Michael and Tim.

runninghoundGod’s Word

The next morning the following thought came to my mind: Is God a stalker?  As I was pondering the question, I following passages were in my reading:

“Then Jesus saw Nathanael coming toward Him and said about him, ‘Here is a true Israelite; no deceit is in him.’

‘How do you know me?’ Nathanael asked.

‘Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you,’ Jesus answered.” John 1:47-48

“What is man, that You think so highly of him and pay so much attention to him? You inspect him every morning, and put him to the test every moment.  Will You ever look away from me, or leave me alone long enough to swallow?” Job 7:17-19

Jesus new everything about Nathanael.  He knew his true character and saw him before Philip even called him.

The hound of heaven was pursuing Nathanael.

Job questions God about why he would think so highly of him and pay so much attention to him.  Job states that he can’t even swallow without God knowing and seeing.

The hound of heaven was pursuing Job.


the hound of heaven poemI have heard several times the story of Scott’s grandfather and how the hound of heaven pursued him.  I have come across the phrase in literature I have read.  But I have never taken the time to discover where it originated, so I took some time to find out.  I discovered that the original 182 line poem was written by Francis Thompson.  Yet, after reading the poem, I knew that most people would find it difficult to read and would not take the time to do so.  Even an audio reading of the poem is difficult to follow.  I found this modern adaptation of the poem with graphics and a beautiful song at the end.  I know it will take some of your time today, but such a blessing awaits as…

The hound of heaven is pursuing you.

The Hound of Heaven A Modern Adaptation

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