Deeper Still

Beautiful beach and  waves of Caribbean Sea

Picture yourself standing at the edge of the beach water. The cool water comes up over your feet and returns to the ocean. You wade out a little farther and enjoy the water up to your knees. Before long you find yourself waist deep, then shoulder deep enjoying the refreshing water over your body. All the while you begin to feel the pull of the current heading back out to sea beckoning you to trust. God begins to call you deeper into fellowship with Him so you go to the point where you can no longer touch.

deeper image

For a little while it seems like you can go with God wherever He wants, because it has not been difficult to get back to the point where you can touch bottom. However, you trusted God a little more than last time and you now find yourself it is difficult to get back to the spot where your feet can touch the ground and give you some sort of security and comfort. The wind comes and the waves begin to get higher and you see yourself being pulled farther and farther away from the shoreline that is so familiar to you. You begin to paddle harder attempting anything that will place your feet on solid ground. You see several buoys familiar to you. Self-reliance. Self-confidence. Self-sufficiency.

buoy image 2

You choose one and cling with all our strength as you try to weather the storm. When all your strength begins to fail, you take a deep breath and finally let go. Your head goes under and the current snatches your body away. While under water you can no longer hear or see the turmoil of what was going on above and yet you feel like you will never be able to breathe again. When you it feels as though your last ounce of oxygen is used, your head is lifted up out of the water and your feet are placed on a solid rock. You look out over the water and marvel at the work God has done around you and inside of you.


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