Wellspring (Guest Post by Shelby Sexton)

I know today is suppose to be the last day of the 31 day writing challenge and I am only on day 30!!  In fact, I have “been behind” a lot this month, but I am okay with that!!  I have had so much more freedom to write as the Lord leads and this week has been no different.  In fact, His timing has allowed me to hear how the Spring of Life has been working in a fellow sister and today I have the special privilege of introducing Shelby Sexton as a guest post here at Faith Steps.  I am so excited for you to hear the wellspring that has been springing up in her heart this week.  Enjoy!!


Day 30: Wellspring (Guest Post by Shelby Sexton)

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  1. I got a call this morning from a guy who said something about James Montgomery and he said he was calling on behalf of someone and to call a number and ask them about what’s going on. So i call the number and a guy asks for the case number, I give it to him and he goes “You don’t know what’s going on?” I’m like “no” he goes into his script of how I owe for a payday loan and he wanted to know if I wanted to rectify the situation before they file fraud charges and I will be arrested at my place of employment today and embarrassed and if I had kids that “Their mommy was going to be in jail”. I told him to tell whoever to file whatever they needed to file and I’d see them in court..


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