Step into the Water

Water feet

Tomorrow I will officially accept the challenge to write everyday for the next 31 days. It is intimidating even thinking about it. My first 31 day challenge happened just a year ago and while it seemed impossible at the time, the Lord led me through an amazing journey as He reminded me of Christ’s desire to not only show me how to live in this world, but how to die. It was such a rich, unforgettable time. Earlier this month it was brought to my attention that this year’s 31-day challenge was fast approaching.   I began to ponder if I would participate as well as what in the world I would write about since I have barely taken pen to paper or fingers to keyboard hardly at all this year (partially due to time constraints and partially due to some difficult challenges in my life).

The more I began to pray about participating in the 31 day challenge and what to write about there seemed to be a theme forming in my daily bible reading. The Holy Spirit kept opening (and is continuing to open) my eyes to passages relating to things like “the spring of life”, “water”, “gift.”  So with just one day left before the challenge begins, I sat down with my children at lunch today and shared with them about what I was about to do and what topic I was considering writing. My youngest immediately stated in such an emphatic tone, “You feel the Lord leading you in that.” To my surprise I questioned him as to what he meant. He simple stated, “you have been talking about the spring a lot and everywhere you look there is something about the spring of life.” If that is not confirmation I do not know what is. 🙂

“Now the Jordan overflows its banks throughout the harvest season. But as soon as the priests carrying the ark reached the Jordan, their feet touched the water at its edge and the water flowing downstream stood still, rising up in a mass that extended as far as Adam, a city next to Zarethan. The water flowing downstream into the Sea of the Arabah (the Dead Sea) was completely cut off, and the people crossed opposite Jericho. The priests carrying the ark of the LORD’s covenant stood firmly on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan, while all Israel crossed on dry ground until the entire nation had finished crossing the Jordan.” Joshua 3:15-17

While the banks here in the Zbylot household are always overflowing no matter what season we are in, I believe it is time for me, for us, to step out in faith and get our feet wet. I’m not quite sure where this path is going to take us, but as the Israelites and priests experienced first hand, sometimes the waters do not part until you take the first step.

So step with me the next 31 days into the

Spring of Life

31 Days in the Spring of Life Square




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