The Year of Christ

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know it is February 1st but the truth is as 2013 was coming to a close and 2014 was quickly approaching, something deep inside of me began to rebel.  I did not want to be among the gazillion other New Years posts making resolutions, setting goals, etc.  So why would I be sharing mine now?  Because each new year for me truly is a time of prayer and reflecting on what area of my life God wants me to focus on through His word.  

In 2012, the Lord brought me through a personal in-depth bible study in Philippians.  I read and re-read the book as God poured and revealed His desire for me to know Him.  The result was To Know Him More.  I spent the first part of 2013 reading and studying 1 Peter and 2 Peter landing in the gospels for the later part of the year.  Reading and rereading the gospels along with the 31-day writing challenge resulted in Dying to Live.  It is hard to put into words what those two years have meant to me as I have experienced God in ways I would never imagine.  So when during the last few weeks of December as I began praying about where the Lord wanted to take me in 2014 and His still small voice began to whisper in my ear, I was uncertain as to whether or not I really wanted to obey.  The words were simple:

The Year of Christ

Knowing God would not be telling me when He is returning, despite my prayers of Lord come quickly, I began to really consider what does the Year of Christ mean?  As we spent time with some friends during New Years, God led me to Colossians 3.  After reading and praying I believe God is telling me He wants me to live my daily life in such a manner that when I come to the end of my day I can reflect back on it and ask,

 “How did my life show Christ today?” 

Not only that, but I believe when I come to the end of the year, God wants to be able to say:

This was the year of Christ in Alicia’s life. 

Whoa!!  It is almost too much to even type.

How in the world is Christ going to be seen in my life? 

The Lord allowed me the special privilege of sharing what I believe is part of how God wants to see Christ in my life with the ladies at Silver Springs Baptist Church.  If you would like a copy of the study guide we went through together please click here: Is Christ My Life January Study Guide

Scripture very clearly tells me that Christ is my life.  If He is going to be visible to those around me then

I must spend time in His word.

I must spend time in prayer. 

I must hid His word in my heart.

I must be thankful.


The God who raised Jesus back to life

is the great I Am.

He lives in me.

I am hidden in Christ.


May this be the Year of Christ in Me.


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