Christmas Reflections

Christmas has come and gone and another year is about to conclude.  I intentionally tried to stay off of Facebook and the internet this Christmas so that I could cherish the time with family.  Needless to say this Christmas was a first ever for our family to be alone.  The flu hit our house the day after I returned from Haiti and stayed long enough to contaminate the house so that no one could come and celebrate with us.  However, despite missing family at this special time of year, the seven of us had a blessed time together as a family.

Our Christmas really began the week before I left for Haiti as we began building triple bunk beds for the boys room.




Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning has always been a tradition for our family.  As of last year, homemade cinnamon rolls are the top of the list.  This Christmas was no different even if the children were recovering from the flu.  🙂



Next our family had a special time of prayer and blessing over one another before opening gifts.  The prayers far outweighed any gift given on Christmas.  After treasuring the children’s hearts and their gratitude for their gifts, we began the Christmas dinner preparations.  Keep in mind that everyone was suppose to come to our house for dinner.  I had already purchased everything and had begun the cooking process before the children really got sick.  Therefore, Christmas dinner plans continued despite only the six of us eating.  The spread was amazing and the fellowship was divine.

Don’t forget to notice fire dog in the back ground. Every chance Bella got, she was up on the fireplace ledge getting warm.
Here she is again making her move.
Dinner is served


This picture is for my sister, Sara, who always takes a picture of the plate of food she is about to devour. So wish she could have been here and we could have gone to visit her. She was sick too. 🙁

We all enjoyed a great meal if I do say so myself, but the real icing on the cake or should I say meringue on the pie, was when I attempted for the first time ever to make a coconut cream pie.  And not just any coconut cream pie, but my Mema Larrabee’s coconut cream pie.  Yes, I have her recipe that she wrote for me close to two years ago.  I have been so intimidated just thinking about attempting to make it.  But this Christmas I decided I would try just to have a part of her here with us.  I gathered everything together, staged it all and read over the directions at least five times (no kidding) before beginning.  I will let you decide how it turned out…



The next day we finished the bunk beds and MamMaw and Papa Larrabee came over for leftovers and Christmas.  We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed our time together.





Even though we did not get to spend as much time together with our extended family this year, we enjoyed our time as a family and reflected on many wonderful memories.  Merry Christmas to all and have a wonderful New Year!!

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