School at Sun Up

School in Haiti for the younger children begins at sun up.  No kidding.  We can hear the children open their school day every morning so far with their song before 7:00 a.m.  It is amazing.

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Seeing the school children and teachers was touching.  Most of the older ones were taking tests while the younger ones hung out and played with us.  Later that afternoon we took a trip into town to visit the market.  It to is overwhelming as you see the level of hardship and poverty these people go through.  This level I am realizing is universal.  It is in the streets of Houston, the villages of Uganda and the villages of Haiti.  To see their physical level of poverty is not as heartbreaking as the spiritual brokenness behind most of the faces you see here.   Monday evening brought a time of fellowship as a team and our “crazy” leader.  (Love you Rochelle!)

Visiting with Pastor Franz as we here his God story.
Clief, Papa and our team
Pastor Franz, Clief, Papa, Rochelle and Me
Sweetest face in the village
Couldn’t find premium Egg Nog in the states but they had it in the Haiti stores!!
Only patch of grass in Haiti


In the evening Rochelle took us to Leon’s house to visit and meet him.

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This morning we awoke to the children singing and the roosters crowing before joining the school children to get more pictures and video footage.  We then left to visit Pastor Franz and his wife Jodiana.  They have been married for two years and she has had three miscarriages. Please lift them up in prayer.  I have just been summoned by Pastor Franz to make final preparations for the Discovery Bible Study tonight.  Please pray that everyone is receptive and it goes smoothly.  Translating has been somewhat of an issue and we do not want any interference with the work of God and His Spirit tonight.

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